Reviews of (The Argentine)and(Guerrilla)



Che is brilliant… the first half is, for me,incandescent — a piece of full-on realism about the making of the Cuban revolution that I found utterly believable and politically vibrant and searing. It’s what I’d hoped for and more.Benicio del Toro’s Guevara portrayal is, as expected,a flat-immersion that can’t be a “performance”as much as a knock-down ass-kick inhabiting…The second half, also known as Guerilla, equally delighted although it’s a different kind of film — tighter, darker (naturally, given the story).

Source:Jeffrey Wells / Hollywood Elsewhere

…it’s safe to say that it’s the most ambitious
movie from an American director since the 1970s.
I’ve never seen anything quite like it in Cannes.

Source:Charles Ealy /

Che is a very good biographical drama.
Bold, beautiful, bleak and brilliant,
Che’s not just the story of a revolutionary;
in many ways, it’s a revolution in and of itself.

Source:James Rocchi / Cinematical



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