Olivier Assayas delivers on the tarmac terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, Carlos said


REPORTAGE – Zoom on a huge film for Canal + and Arte. A political fiction scale with a budget mastoc …

Tarmac Bourget airport north of Paris. Hundreds of people are busy,in certain legs of velvet brown shirts and seventies, communicating via cellphone and walkie-talkie.They run some of the scenes of a great writing and directed by Olivier Assayas A monumental fresco (three films in 90 minutes) que se emitirá en Canal + y, a continuación, este año en Arte. Provisional title:“Carlos the Jackal prices”. The story of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, Carlos said, leftist terrorist mercenary From 1970 to 1994 the date of his arrest,it was seen in the media worldwide, killing police officers, weapons traffickers, hostage taking of Ministers,bossa for several clients, including Libya, Palestine, Syria.

Carlos decal

The Assayas has chosen to embody Carlos was unanimous.Seated for breakfast, his associates predicted that it “will take off in Europe, as Javier Bardem.He called Ramirez as Carlos, and is Venezuelan, as Carlos. His name: Edgar.

Makeup in the dressing room, the actor, physical mass and light blue put out his iPod to speak French, English or Spanish, with breathtaking ease.with ease. “The role of Carlos I was immediately attracted because it is contradictory:Venezuela, some see it as a hero, others as a terrorist evil “To address the 25 years of Carlos described fiction Edgar Ramirez first had to lose weight.Then will begin to take between ten and twenty pounds to paste the profile of his character became so bold that he wanted to become a liposucer.

On the tarmac, a woman standby: Antoinette Boulat, the casting director, to look at the results in action. It is “crazy coincidence between Edgar and Carlos.”

Separate the sales pitch from reality

This is Daniel Leconte, author of the documentary “It’s hard to be loved by construction” and producer of films – including, recently released on Rachida Dati – who had the idea to stage this historic character incredible.”

A character whose impulse has become political criminal,” says two taken Dan Franck, co-author with Assayas scenario. His human side? “It did not, although it has long questioned whether it would make it a positive character.” On this point, the answer is no. What interests Assayas, the truth is more “evidence” of history, the “power game” around Carlos, that the psychological aspect of the character.

Armada period

For the filmmaker, the “truth” is not an empty word. Despite the enormous size of the project (€ 14.6 million budget, 21 weeks of filming, nearly 1300 extras including Palestinians and Lebanese, more than a hundred speaking roles), it makes for accuracy in every detail .clothes and vintage vehicles. As this plane, a DC-9 found in Beirut, the same model as those that flew in 1975. A sacred budget had, moreover, since the location of one of them costs between 25,000 and 35,000 euros the day.

The production uses 250 car collection (Tatra, Simca, Volga), which “play” in the film. Play? Yes, “they are not a figure,” smiles Raphael Cohen, executive producer.

While Carlos dummy runs, the real Carlos, he is imprisoned for life. His lawyer, became his wife, has just sent a letter to Canal +, it would read the script. Scenario so far kept secret, to avoid precisely the procedures …


Actor Edgar Ramirez plays the role of Carlos

in the film by Olivier Assayas / Carole Bethuel / film stock / Canal +


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