Sundance Channel Ventures Into Scripted Series Realm With Mini ‘Carlos’ This Fall

Rainbow Outlet Follows AMC’s Lead Starting With Mini ‘Carlos’ This Fall

by Kent Gibbons

Sundance Channel is following sister Rainbow Media network AMC into the scripted series realm, leading off this fall with a three-night miniseries, Carlos, starring Edgar Ramirez as the famed international terrorist.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Carlos as our first out of the gate scripted project,” Sundance general manager Sarah Barnett said at a press briefing in New York City Tuesday morning. “It’s urgent, it’s important and it’s addictive, fascinating, roller-coaster storytelling.”Carlos, coming to Sundance ChannelCarlos, coming to Sundance Channel

The production, directed by French filmmaker Olivier Assayas (Summer Hours), starts with the early career of “Carlos the Jackal” in the early 1970s. Barnett said of star Ramirez (Che): “He is devastatingly attractive. He has this charisma, which I think is a big part of the story. You see him become the myth. You see how he works with law enforcement, and works with the media, to really become this mythic, scary but also glamorous playboy, international terrorist.”

She added: “You see a lot of Edgar Ramirez in this production and the ladies ain’t complaining, let me say that.”

The film’s real-life subject, by the way, is suing the filmmakers, Film en Stock, which shot it for France’s Canal Plus, for editorial control, to protect his image.

Rainbow Entertainment Services COO Ed Carroll said Sundance swill run the miniseries on three consecutive days — much as sister service AMC did with its adaptation of The Prisoner last November to maximize marketing resources behind the project, which will screen at the Cannes Film Festival. Carroll noted that Sundance was further looking to boost the film’s profile by hopefully running it during the New York Film Festival.


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