5 reasons for going to see the film CARLOS

Carlos, the film was released on Wednesday. But why go see the movie in theaters on film by Olivier Assayas in the most emblematic of the terrorists, then it has delivered on Canal + in series?

Because it is real cinema

Carlos is a ovni, designed for Canal + screened at Cannes, the film by Olivier Assayas comes out July 7 in theaters in a shorter version (2:40 instead of 1:40 three times the TV version). This saga has convinced the festivals because it takes the best of both worlds: the television and film. But the psychological approach to European stories as dramatic effectiveness of the action of biopics Hollywood.Todo for delivery of a project that is the life of Carlos, the terrorist who shook the world.

For the Actor’s redoubtable

The Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez is amazing in this film embodies the same attention eager young revolutionary battle, the old mercenary used by the alcohol and cynicism. It really seems to see Carlos in its truth. In the film version, lies less in his tumultuous love life and ruin his debut in Paris … Yet the star of the film: the hostage taking of oil ministers of OPEC in Vienna in 1975 in which Ramirez makes the complexity of the character: the cold and without brave, hungry for glory and bragging …

For historical reasons

If the version of the movie focuses less on the struggles within the movement of the 70 pro-Palestinian, we find what makes the historical interest of the series. Show how idealistic young leftists become soldiers of terror. Assayas makes Carlos and his accomplices in his shadow, but without hiding their suicidal drift. A dedicated mini-site called “In the Footsteps of Charles – the terror that has shaken the world ‘also allows any place in context. Very complete and documented various attacks again

Because it is a controversial
As often with strong works, provokes controversy. Before seeing many critics fear that Charles makes a hero. At the end of the projections, made sure the vast majority. On the other hand, supporters of Illich Ramirez Sanchez, alias Carlos, which took place in France since 1994, have requested a right of appeal was denied. Since then we have not heard of them, but do not know if Jack, the real, has Canal + in the cell of Clairvaux. Now it’s up to you to make your own opinion.

Because Carlos really a style
It may seem a bit odd, given the subject, but we love the style of Carlos (not have escaped anyone’s style 70: wild beard, sunglasses, boots, leather jacket … with some success in recent years among the most socially integrated). We especially liked Carlos Ray-Ban: pilot scale, visible in the photo of the site instead of your sunglasses vintage on the poster for the movie. But as the landscape: the 70 modern buildings, or cars, especially BMW 525 of his associates in Germany at the time they called Baeda Meinhof Wagen

Source: GQmagazine.fr

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