Interview with Edgar Ramirez, Carlos Film

“I try to play roles that are in front of me,” Edgar Ramirez is the terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, alias Carlos, in the film by Olivier Assayas

How do you figure out the personality of a character like Carlos?

Edgar Ramirez: We’ve tried to do an imitation, copy or even a biography of Carlos. It’s a reinterpretation. The aim of this film was to explore the human side that is hidden behind the myth. And that’s why I liked the script immediately. Olivier Assayas offers an interpretation of the character of Carlos impartial, open and with a genuine interest in the human condition. And I quote only the most monstrous and most tender gestures can coexist in a person’s behavior. Carlos is a complex and contradictory character that is neither good nor bad. But nothing is black or white is the contradiction that defines us as human beings.

The weight, hair or eyes that turn over the film. The physical evolution of Carlos is a better way to decipher the character?

Edgar Ramirez: The film traces the rise and fall of Carlos. The physical transformation is a metaphor to show degradation of emotional and ideological nature.

it more difficult for an actor portraying a historical character?

Edgar Ramirez: In the interpretation of a historical figure can not be copied. There is a mixture that is made with the interpretation of the actor. Before playing a role, I need to identify me personally in his character, put on your skin. And that’s why I try to perform functions that are the opposite of me. Become Carlos was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Some scenes that have marked anything better than others?

Edgar Ramirez: The scenes of violence would have worried me, but especially one in which Carlos takes a prostitute. I am very sensitive to violence against women. On the contrary, I have very fond memories of the birthday party in Budapest, as it is a moment in the film where you can see other sides of the character.

Carlos has called it “worrying” with emphasis on parody “of historical truth.” How do you interpret these words in relation to work done in this movie?

Edgar Ramirez: He is entitled to their opinion. But the film is a fiction. The story of Carlos is a myth is public history. This film is our point of view on the character, and the public can form its own opinion.


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