Edgar Ramirez Interview on ‘Carlos’

Young Hollywood promises, Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez, 33, embodies the international terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, alias Carlos, Olivier Assayas.

How did you happen to embody Carlos?
I think Olivier Assayas saw Domino (2004) by Tony Scott. He sent me the script in Caracas and we met in Paris in August 2008. We talked about Carlos, international politics, history, 1970, and our collaboration has been very clear.

What attracted you to this project?
First of all an opportunity to work with Olivier Assayas because I’m a fan of his films, including Clean (2003).he is a filmmaker and a sensitivity acute observer of human nature. It is capable of simple stories, with a depth rare. Any other director could have made a common stereotype Carlos: either a terrorist or a revolutionary romantic atrocious. Although in reality the figure is much more contradictory. I knew beforehand that the Carlos Olivier Assayas would be anything but a Manichean. Beyond the political and historical history, initially considered a human standpoint.

Can it be said that Carlos was a human being?
Humanizing the character does humanist. Assayas deciphers the myth, taking into account all its contrasts: his cruelty, his charisma, his misogyny, his doubts, his seduction, greed … He describes Carloss as having a very complex decision whose consequences are terrible, sometimes at his expense . His film focuses on a man’s choices and their impact on your life

Was it difficult playing a character as ambiguous as Carlos?
I’ve always been attracted to characters that evolve humanity opaque border. I like roles that allow me to question my own values and to better understand the paradoxes of human nature. I realized that I had to feel empathy for a minimum of Carlos if he wanted to play the character as honestly as possible. Otherwise, it would have been a cliche …

You met him in jail for the role?
This does not happen and legal systems for logistical reasons. But I approached the family members, relatives and former lovers to better define its character. Meanwhile, I documented through history books and extensive archives, before diving with Olivier Assayas stage.

How do you feel about filming?
It was very intense. We shot for seven months between Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, but also in Lebanon. The weather conditions were very difficult times, especially during the scenes filmed in the desert or in the DC-9 at the airport in Beirut in the summer without air conditioning … The film is even more realistic.

What memories do we continue the majority of the filming?
In Lebanon, during a control on a road, I don’t had my passport and ended up in jail.
Fortunately for me, which only lasted four hours. The film crew, told local authorities who I was and everything is finally back to normal. I especially remember an outbreak and a very lively rock’n’roll. Olivier Assayas has the ability to create atmospheres so realistic that ended in fiction almost forgotten. Over the months, we were a real family.

Is it possible for an actor to emerge unscathed from such a character?
After the shooting, which began therapy for a month and a half. Not that I’m also identified as Carlos, but I spent seven months so frantic that my emotional system has been somewhat altered. I need to release all that energy in my body.

As the name Carlos Ramirez, who is Venezuelan and multilingual … These similarities have been an advantage for the role?
In one way or another, always helped me to penetrate the skin of Carlos. Our respective families of San Cristobal, Venezuela, and the two lived in Caracas. My father was a military attache and, like Carlos, I have traveled a lot. I lived in Austria, Mexico, Canada, the United States or United Kingdom … So, I master five languages: Spanish, Italian, German, English and French. For the purposes of the film, had to learn Arabic phonetically.

How did you become an actor?
While studying political communication at the University of Caracas, I coordinated a festival of short films. During a trip to Mexico, I met with screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga, who had seen the movie to a friend and encouraged me to become an actor. At that time, I felt no available because I was running an agency for the right to vote and free access to the media in Latin America. In 1998, Arriaga asked me to play in Amores Perros (Amores Perros) (2000) de Alejandro González Iñárritu and accepted. My international career started with my performance in Domino (2004) by Tony Scott, and then follow Bourne Ultimatum (The Bourne Ultimatum) (2006) by Paul Greengrass and Che (2007) by Steven Soderbergh.

Along with the movie, his name is associated with many NGOs. Why this commitment?
I originally intended to diplomacy and is very sensitive to the issue of human rights. Last year as part of a campaign by Amnesty International against violence of firearms in Venezuela. I also represent a national association to fight against breast cancer and fought with UNICEF in Latin America. Use my image of player to defend humanitarian causes allows me to sustain this focus and not lose sight of my convictions.


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  1. Hola, que tal?

    Solo pienso que eres muy guapo. Yo soy de Venezuela, y mi madre es del Tachira San Cristobal. Mi padre tambien era Venezolano pero falleco…pienso que eres tan hermoso…tu acento es tan especial. Yo vivo en NYC –en downtown Manhattan mas de 20 anos, tengo una carrera de administradora de programas de temprana edad. Cuando mi padre fallecio ayude a criar a mis dos hermanos…cumpli con mi palabra y termine mis estudios. Despues de tanto que pase estoy aqui admirandote…decidi beber un vino chanti melini del ano 2008. Te escribo porque nunca hecho esto ‘and what the heck’ lo quise tratar….estoy ahora mismo en esto momentos viendo tu la pelicula Domino y tu acento es tan sexy y me recuerdo que cuando vi por primera vez esta pelicula dije que eras puro Venezolano…
    Que Dios te bendiga y te guarde siempre…y que todos tus deseos se hagan realidad. Si algun dia te encuentras aqui en NYC llamame mi numero de celular es 917-6–2–1pero solo si quieres visitar la ciudad como una persona regular…porque eso es lo que soy…una persona simple regular…me encuentro en el bajo Manhattan…downtown…cuidate y un besito…chaito…


    Me gusta


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