Everybody wants to see “CARLOS”

“Carlos” is full steam ahead to the great expectation of the festivals of New York and London.

During the month of October in addition to the premiere at the Sundance channel, Carlos can be seen on private cinemas in full and short version.

Here are the information:


* BAM (NY- Brooklyn) BAM Rose Cinemas
 “How good is Olivier Assayas’ Carlos? Think of The Bourne Identity with more substance, or Munich with more of a pulse, and you begin to have a sense of what the French filmmaker accomplished with this globetrotting and epic look at one man’s rise to the station of international guerrilla leader and terrorist celebrity.” —Los Angeles Times

HERE for more information and tickets
* Phoenix Square (Leicester)
Carlos is a complex, epic thriller which opened to critical acclaim at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and was first broadcast as a three part French television drama miniseries. Edgar Ramirez delivers a stellar performance as Carlos, the Venezuelan revolutionary, in a film that’s already being heralded as one of the best this decade.

“Though commissioned for the small screen, Carlos’ widescreen visuals demand a theater, and its aesthetic dexterity is a continual marvel.” —Slant Magazine

Conceived as a three part miniseries for French television, Assayas’ latest (which screened at Cannes earlier this year) is a gripping, 5 1/2 hour political thriller that chronicles the rise and fall of the notorious Venezuelan revolutionary and terrorist Carlos the Jackal (Ramírez in a star-making performance), who became internationally infamous for his 1975 attack on the OPEC headquarters in Vienna.

Assayas’ propulsive style gives the riveting action set pieces a pulse-quickening immediacy that explode any stale notions about the traditional biopic or historical epic; a crackling live-wire, Carlos is filmmaking of the highest order. In French, German, English, Spanish, and Arabic with English titles.

Full Movie (5h 30) : Saturday, October 23 6:30 pm / Sunday, October 24 3 pm


Edited Movie Version/shorter: Fri 22 Oct 15:00, 20:45 / Sat 23 Oct 15:00, 20:20 / Mon 25 Oct 15:25 ,18:40 / Tue 26 Oct 16:00, 19:10 / Wed 27 Oct 15:15 /Thu 28 Oct 16:00, 19:10
Full Movie (5h30): Sun 24 Oct 12:00 (‘Ultimate Lazy Sunday’ ticket, with a screening of Carlos, breakfast and dinner for just £11.95/£10.95)

HERE for more information and tickets

* Watershed (Bristol)

The engrossing story of the rise and fall of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (aka Carlos The Jackal), one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists – from his days as a killer for hire for nations and secret service agencies in the 70s and 80s to his arrest in 1997. An epic, energetic achievement led by Edgar Ramirez as the egotistical, charming and dangerous Carlos.

Full Movie (5h30): Sat 23 Oct and Sun 24 Oc at 13:00hrs (with a 30min break)
Edited Movie Version/shorter: Fri 22 Oct at 14:30hrs and 20:00hrs.

HERE for more information and tickets



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