Edgar Ramirez: “We have to engage with Latino film”


MORELIA, Mexico (AP) – If you would like to have the actor Edgar Ramirez with his latest character of the legendary Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramírez Carlos “The Jackal”, beyond the coincidence of his surname, is the warrior spirit.

The 33 year old actor plays the known terrorist “Carlos”, a movie marathon of five hours setting out the key moments in the life of “The Jackal.”

When the film, directed by Frenchman Olivier Assayas, premiered at the latest Cannes Film Festival’s performance Ramírez liked it so much criticism as compared with Italy’s Marcello Mastroianni.

But while Ramirez, who has shot and a dozen movies, went on a short film competition promoting through pay-TV channel AXN, as it has for the past five years.

That job allowed him to travel the continent and take the pulse of the films in the region, which resulted in what is now defined a clear mission: to promote diversity and quality of Latin American cinema.

“The great contradiction that has yet Latin American cinema, and it is important to say, is that it is easy to see Latin American cinema in London, New York, Los Angeles or Paris than in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Lima or Caracas “he said in an interview with The Associated Press under the International Film Festival of Morelia, where he presents” Carlos “.

“We have to commit all platforms to create greater recognition of our own cinema … We have an unprecedented cultural advantage is that we are a region of 19 countries that speak the same language. It is absurd that we do not co-produced film, We are already becoming more, it has changed a lot, but it should be every day, “he said.

In his view, this commitment can not give up that “seeing a Mexican film, a Venezuelan film in Mexico City or Caracas (whatever) as normal as is happening now in Paris or as is happening now in other world capitals.”

Despite the fighting that close to “The Jackal”, the actor says, “Illich Ramirez Sanchez came from Venezuela, started very young, started at 17 years or so. He went to Venezuela and never returned. So let’s say not think it is a story that is necessarily linked to the Venezuelans. “

And as the film seeks to go beyond the myth, mystery and rumors surrounding the terrorist before he was imprisoned and tried in France, the actor believes that the exploration does not seek to judge.

On the letter that the so called “Master of Disguise” released on opening day in the newspaper Le Figaro of France, addressed to the actor and in which he claimed to have been made orders of the imperialist propaganda, the actor said he did not surprised.

“Ilich is a person of strong opinions and I guess that was completely understandable and not a thing that surprises us he wanted to say something,” he said.

As soon as the actor, whose hits include “Vantage Point”, “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Che”, continues to promote the film in different cities of the world and not sure what their next project.


(AP) The Associated Press

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