The world premiere of “The Liberator” will be the 9 September at the Toronto Film Festival

Rising international star Édgar Ramírez (Carlos) stars in this enthralling epic about Venezuelan political leader Simón Bolívar and his lifelong quest to bring autonomy and democracy to the Americas.

Libertador is the title of Alberto Arvelo’s enthralling Bolívar biopic, which serves as both an epic of struggle and a cinematic history lesson. Written by Timothy J. Sexton (Children of Men), the film shows us the moments in Bolívar’s childhood that laid the seeds for his determination to defend the rights of indigenous and enslaved peoples. It depicts his marriage to María Teresa Rodríguez del Toro y Alayza and emphasizes the scar her untimely death left on his psyche. It reveals his subsequent descent into despondence and decadence in Europe before he rediscovered his social conscience and returned to South America for a series of arduous military campaigns — elaborately staged here, captured by cameras that sweep across vast landscapes gutted by cannon fire.

Bolívar is vividly embodied by Édgar Ramírez as a fierce, virile warrior with a heart. The Venezuelan actor already proved more than capable of playing a complex historical figure in Olivier Assayas’s Carlos, and Libertador confirms his status as a rising international star. That it does so by having Ramírez play his home country’s national hero makes this career triumph that much richer.


Monday September 9
Isabel Bader Theatre
10:00 PM

Tuesday September 10
Scotiabank 13
6:15 PM

Friday September 13
Scotiabank 1
5:00 PM

For more information Click Here at the official site for Tiff (Toronto Film Festival)

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