Libertador será parte de la programación del Los Angeles Film Festival


The Liberator
International Showcase
(Venezuela, Spain, 2013, 119 mins)
In Spanish, English, French with English subtitles
Directed By: Alberto Arvelo

Screenwriter: Timothy J. Sexton
Executive Producers: Édgar Ramírez, Maria A. Guerrero Rocca
Producers: Alberto Arvelo, Winfried Hammacher, Ana Loehnert
Cinematographer: Xavi Giménez
Editor: Tariq Anwar
Cast: Édgar Ramírez, Erich Wildpret, María Valverde
Music: Gustavo Dudamel

No figure is more revered in South America than Simón Bolívar, the legendary hero who freed the northern half of the continent from the iron grip of Spanish Colonialism. Alberto Arvelo’s ambitious, gorgeously produced epic traces his transformation from a dashing 19th century aristocrat, who wooed and won a great Spanish beauty as his wife, into a fiery and embattled revolutionary with a powerful army at this command.

Charismatic Venezuelan star Édgar Ramírez, who played the title role in Carlos, imbues Bolívar with a complex humanity. Despondent after the premature death of his wife, Bolívar spent years in exile in Europe, reveling in decadence, before rediscovering his social conscience and returning to his native land. There, taking up the sword, he began his amazing series of military triumphs, captured in all their chaotic fury by Arvelo’s camera.


Screening Schedule

  • Sun, Jun 15th 7:30pm
    Regal Cinemas 8


  • Wed, Jun 18th 1:30pm
    Regal Cinemas 12

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