Sneak peek: New ‘Point Break’ gets extreme


Point Break is making waves again on the big screen, with a heap of extreme sports and a couple of familiar names along for the thrill ride.

In Kathryn Bigelow’s original 1991 action movie, Keanu Reeves starred as rookie FBI agent Johnny Utah and the late Patrick Swayze was the Zen criminal surfer Bodhi. Luke Bracey (The Best of Me) and Édgar Ramirez (Deliver Us From Evil) respectively take on those iconic roles in a new Point Break, directed by Ericson Core (Invincible) and in theaters Christmas Day.

There’s surfing in this one, but also motocross racing down steep mountains, dangerous rock climbing, extreme snowboarding and exhilarating flights in windsuits, all filmed in wide-open spaces over 11 countries symbolizing the redo’s larger-scale global view.

But the spirit of the original remains the same, says Ramirez. “We’re always looking for a new and bigger and larger sense of freedom in our lives. That’s something very human and very rooted in us.”

Bracey’s Utah isn’t a former college quarterback, but instead a gifted snowboarder and motocross racer who feels out of place as a fed. He’s assigned to infiltrate Bodhi and his gang of environmental warriors (or terrorists, depending on the perspective), who are pulling off impossible physical feats while also breaking laws, under the auspices of giving back to the people.

The first film had the bad guys robbing banks to fund “an endless summer of surfing,” Core says, but the new group is trying “to take it to a different level.”

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