Somebody Buy Edgar Ramirez a Drink “​The ​Joy ​and ​Point Break ​star’s resume is about to become a lot more stacked”


Edgar Ramirez is a man on the move. Next month, the Joy and Point Break star steps into the ring to portray legendary boxer Roberto Duran in Hands of Stone. After that, he’ll appear in the adaptation of the gazillion-copies-sold The Girl on the Train. Here, he shows us that even when you are busting a move in the summer heat, it’s still important to look put together.

The thirty-nine-year-old Venezuelan actor has just spent five days mugging for the cameras and working the crowds at the Cannes Film Festival, where he was promoting his new boxing movie, Hands of Stone, alongside costar Robert De Niro, and a man can put up his dukes in mock pugilistic fury only so many times before a chilled manhattan starts sounding pretty good. As Ramirez settles into the Frank Sinatra booth at La Dolce Vita, a temple of dark wood, leather banquettes, and red-sauce Italian in Beverly Hills, he surveys the scene and sips that manhattan. “Classic, solid—gravitas,” he says. “This is my turf. This is what I like.” The stares of the restaurant’s other guests linger on Ramirez—some for the fraction of a second needed for the trained industry observer to place him as the star of projects as diverse as Point Break and Joy; others take a moment longer and then nod in recognition, reminded perhaps of dark, dramatic supporting turns in Zero Dark Thirty and Wrath of the Titans; and still others simply look at him without quite knowing whom they’re looking at, seemingly wondering why this brooding, broad-jawed, wavy-haired what’s-his-name is not yet a full-blown somebody.

the next few months should change that. First up is Hands of Stone, in which Ramirez plays legendary Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran, whose powerful fists earned him the nickname “Manos de Piedra” and gave the film its English title. (De Niro plays Duran’s equally legendary trainer, Ray Arcel, and Usher Raymond IV—also known simply as Usher—is Sugar Ray Leonard.) Then, in October, he’ll play therapist Dr. Kamal Abdic in the hotly anticipated adaptation of the best-selling novel The Girl on the Train. And finally, in November, Ramirez will star alongside Matthew McConaughey in Gold, writer-director Stephen Gaghan’s first feature film since 2005’s Syriana. Part treasure hunt, part con story, Gold derives from the actual events of the greatest fraud in the history of the mining industry. One might be tempted to call Gold, together with his whole fall slate, Ramirez’s breakthrough moment—if the man didn’t bristle at the notion.


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Photo Credit: Doug Inglish

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