Photos: Edgar Ramirez in the August issue of Flaunt Magazine



He actualizado la galería con nuevas fotos de Edgar Ramirez en la edición de Agosto de la revista Flaunt

I’ve updated the gallery with new photos of Edgar Ramirez in the August issue of Flaunt Magazine

Edgar Ramirez: Venezuela’s leading man, and ascending Hollywood hero

It’s little wonder that Ramirez can convincingly embody cool-headed rough-and-tumble types—the ice-veined assassin in The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), the megalomaniacal idealist Carlos the Jackal in Carlos (2010), the zen adrenaline-fiend Bodhi in Point Break (2015), the great military general and political leader Simón Bolívar in The Liberator (2014). An interesting feature of Ramirez’ character roster is how often he plays men who are of both action and idealistic weight.

“There’s a secret dance between actors and characters,” Ramirez explains, “I’m not sure whether they find you or you find them. I do believe that politics is a great context to explore human nature. Through the exercise of power the true colors of an individual really shine through. It’s what I call ‘the club-bouncer syndrome,’” Ramirez says sardonically, “when you are in a decision-making position, then we’ll see. Politics for me is the perfect environment to test the extensions and contradictions of human nature.”

Ramirez’ portrayal is an honest one, and the unsavory aspects of Durán’s fiery personality are presented sympathetically but without gloss. There’s a scene from the film where Durán—shirtless by the pool in a red two-piece suit brimming with early ‘80s flair—lambasts his family, friends, and entourage as “parasites” after getting splashed with water. “I think he was overwhelmed.” Ramirez tells me of the scene, “Too many good things at the same time after having nothing can be very overwhelming and stressful. There’s a reason why our hands wrinkle after we’re in water—all the acidity from the environment is too much for the cells, and they need to liberate—it’s osmosis. It’s funny,” Ramirez grins, “it’s one fact I remember from biology. I always come back to it. It’s called plasmolysis. The cell can’t absorb any more from its environment and when it gets overwhelmed it completely empties out because it needs balance. I think that it was too much for one person, and that’s the struggle of success. Rubén Blades actually says that success is like a cake that when you bite it, it’s filled with glass.”

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Photographer: Ian Morrison.
Stylist: Dani Michelle.
Groomer: Barbara Guillaume for Art Department using Oribe and Tatcha.


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