Photos: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace feature in LA Times “The Envelope”

He actualizado la galería con nuevas fotos de Edgar Ramirez en la Revista LA Times Junio 21,2018

I have updated the gallery with new photos of Edgar Ramirez in LA Times June 21,2018

‘Assassination of Gianni Versace’ delves into the mind of a killer — and societal prejudice

“American Crime Story,” one of the anthology series from Ryan Murphy’s oeuvre, had a splashy launch in 2016 with its focus on the highly visible O.J. Simpson murder trial — its review of charged, prescient themes like systemic racism, sexism and media culture translated into ratings success and award show acclaim. This year’s follow-up to the FX franchise, titled “The Assassination of Gianni Versace,” set its sights on a case that grabbed headlines but whose societal imprint hadn’t generated nearly the same examination.

The second season focused on the mysterious backstory of spree killer Andrew Cunanan, a gay gigolo and prolific liar who killed four men before his infamous 1997 murder of groundbreaking Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace — one of the few openly gay celebrities of that time. (Cunanan, 27 at the time of Versace’s murder, would kill himself days later.)

In the midst of unpacking all of that, the drama presented a striking portrait of homophobia in the 1990s by examining the injustice that was steeped in societal prejudice — particularly in regards to how police officials handled the case — and the toll of hate, from outside and within.

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