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About:This is the place for all the real fans out there. Everyday, I provide info, pictures, media and all the things you want to know “it is necessary to take into account that any flow of erroneous information and misuse of this information is a source of demand is taken respective actions against this type of situation “We will not post any paparazzi photographs or intrusive information about Edgar personal life.We respect his right to privacy.

We acknowledge the fact that Edgar has a private life; it’s no business of ours. His family are not celebs and are entitled to living their own lives, We are interested in his career, not his personal life. so please don’t involve them in Fan Fiction or gossip here.That is why the Web is not responsible for the actions of members and those who are not.

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My name is Marcela Mendoza  I’m from Colombia Study languages My hobby is building websites for Musicians/actors whose talent I liked. I have that time, I love watching films. My favorite of Edgar Ramirez film is Domino

I love the way they act and is a wonderful person and I have an opportunity to known Edgar

Marcela Mendoza

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Hi! My name is Diane, but I am known more as Isabel in cyber-world. I am the creator of the Edgar Ramirez Fan Forum. I am a single Mom of two and live in Michigan, USA. A few years ago I went back to school and will be graduating this year with my degree in Graphic Communications. I enjoy photography, writing, movies, travel and watching Detroit Tigers baseball.my birthday is 16 October

About the time I went back to school, I also discovered a little movie called Domino and fell in love with the troubled, yet sensitive Choco, and I had to find more about the man behind the character. As I’ve learned more about Edgar Ramirez, my admiration has increased greatly. Not only is he incredibly handsome, but he also has the talent to back it up. And from everything I’ve seen or read about him, he is truly a kind and genuine person. My favorite movie of his, so far, is still Domino, but I have a feeling that will change when I am finally able to see Cyrano Fernandez ! I am really looking forward to that movie…I hope I will be able to see it in the US soon!

Diane Isabel
Jackson, Michigan USA


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640x480px - 60.0 KBMy name is Lexa Mendoza (like my sis Marcela) I’m from Colombia Study Computer Information Systems I love Tennis and movies Great music and support Club Roddick Foundation and I’m Tennis player and I’m also the Media & Advertising for the website

Lexa Mendoza

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Karla Sanches( Venezuela)
Maria Jose (Argentina)
Maria Febreiro (Venezuela)
Alice Ferrigato (Italia)